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In the ancient desert of Mesopotamia, Architects and Builders toil to complete the Tower of Babel, all while suffering... the Confusion of Tongues!

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Confusion of Tongues is a 4-8 Player limited communication game where players draft a lexicon in teams of two, and compete to be the first to complete their build contract!

Design by Jason Brisson and Jeremy Moshe

Art by Rodrigo and Farhan

Install instructions

Tabletop Simulator Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2208202942


Babel - Print and Play.pdf 2 MB
Confusion of Tongues - Game Rules v4.pdf 81 kB


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I love this interpretation of the theme and the building of a shared language in teams. I've only read through the rule book, but it reminds me a bit of Mountain of Madness, which I adore. Great work, I'm looking forward to trying this with my boardgame group.

Thanks, that's high praise! We're excited to hear what you think after a play through or two! If you need anyone to fill some seats at the table, we'd love to jump on Discord and/or Tabletop Simulator with you to test it out :D